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Krone Post Simonswald

No Wishes Remain disreguarded    Variante: all your wishes will be reguarded


... We offer fun and leisure time for everybody, for any situation and for any moment, for young and old, for men and women, for children and also for the child within you. You have  the opportunity and the pleasure to choose the right thing according to your momentary mood.


  •     „Crown“ barbecuce once a week from May to September
  •     A large in-site swimming-pool
  •     A playing tower for children
  •     An in-site tennis-court with two playing fields
  •     a special area to repose
  •     a historical mill can be visited in full function







Krone Post

in the heart of
Black forest
at home


opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday:

Open all day

Montag: Ruhetag


+49 (0) 7683 - 265  or

+49 (0) 7683 - 1267




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