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Krone Post Simonswald

Tips for Trips in and around Simonswald.


Our restaurant and hotel is the perfect starting point for many trips to interesting places close-by. But even in the village you'll have lots of possibilities for all kinds of adventures.


Simonswald is a good place for many hiking-tours of different categories. So it doesn't matter if you are walking with a baby-carriage or if you want to climb up the more exigent mountain „Zweitälersteig“


The hiking trails are well provided with sign-posts, so you can easily follow your chosen trail.


The valley offers perfect conditions for all mountain bikers. Biking routes with all levels of difficulties can be explored. Special sign-posts on the way help mountain-bikers to run with pleasure without getting lost. According to your physical condition possible routes can be chosen between the Kandel (1241 m), the mountain near by or - if you like it easy - in the valley.  There are options for everybody and all degrees of difficulty.


 If you like to admire lovely landscapes from above, you'll have the chance to do mounaineering or paragliding, both sports which are also offered in the valley.


We love to offer you a huge variety of any kind of holiday pleasure. This is crucial for us.



Many sights and destinations can be reached in a short time.



Titisee in Neustadt - a typical mountain lake in the Black Forest, almost a must-see. It's reallly worth visiting.


Weinregion Kaiserstuhl - an area blessed with sun. The village Ihringen belongs to the warmest places in Germany. This region is highly estimated by gourmets.


Vogtsbauernhöfe in Gutach in Kinzigtal

This is a very special outdoor museum . Closely you can relive how the old Black Forest farms had been run, how people organized their every day life and in what way old traditions  had been maintained.


BaBasel in Switzerland - a city so close and yet so different, a recommendable trip.


Straßburg, Elsass - Metropole zum flanieren, einkaufen und besichtigen.


Europapark in Rust - a great fun for all generations and well-known across the borders. You reach the amusement park in only 30 minutes by car.


Historical City of Freiburg, Freiburg is one of the most popular destinations. Its attraction is due to many things but chiefly to the Münster, a medieval, gothic cathedral and to its mediterranean atmosphere.


Feldberg, 1480 Meter hoch gelegen in einem einzigartigen Naturreservat, das einlädt zum Wandern, Biken und Skifahren.







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